3. Consider which stories appropriate for debate

Consider carefully which issues/stories are appropriate for debate, and do not open more debate threads than can be followed by the moderators.

It is no longer so that practically every news story published online is followed by comments. Still, let us remind you of this. Even though one can never fully control where unfounded, offensive comments show up, it is obvious that certain topics are subject to this more often than others. Naturally, we can't make a complete list of these, but in general, there is reason to warn against reader comments to stories concerning accidents and crime. The same may be true for stories about specific cases within children's services, mental health and related sectors, and stories closely connected to individuals' lives.

For best to take these considerations into account, we recommend that editors establish guidelines covering which stories should be equipped with the option to comment, and which should not.

These guidelines ought to be as clear as possible. It is of great importance that editorial employees familiarise themselves with the guidelines.

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