Redaktørplakaten (engelsk)

Her er den engelske teksten til Redaktørplakaten

Rights and duties of the editor

An editor shall safeguard freedom of expression, press freedom and freedom of information. In his or her capacity as editor, the editor shall promote the free media's democratic role and that which in his or her opinion serves the public interest.

An editor has the personal and full responsibility for the mediums content.

An editor shall safeguard the right to anonymity and the protection of sources. An editor shall promote free dissemination of information and open, honest and truth-seeking journalism. It is an editor's responsibility to ensure a clear distingtion between facts and opinion content and between editorial and commercial content.

An editor must commit himself/herself to the owner's basis for publishing and work in accordance with the mediums fundamental views and corporate purpose. Within this framework, an editor shall enjoy free and independent leadership and full freedom to shape and determine the contents and opinions of the medium. Neither public authorities, owners, commercial actors nor any other interest group may interfere with this freedom. Should an editor find himself/herself in irreconcilable conflict with the mediums basis for publishing, he or she is obligated to resign.

An editor has the full responsibility for the activities of the editorial department and is in charge of the editorial staff. An editor reports directly to the publisher/board of directors. An editor is the publisher’s/board of directors’ representative in relation to the editorial department and also represents the editorial department in relation to the publisher/board of directors. An editor may delegate authority in accordance with his/her own authority.


This declaration is a result of cooperation between

the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association (former Federation of Norwegian Newspapers) and

the Association of Norwegian Editors,

adopted by both organisations on 22 October 1953, revised in 1973, 2004 and 2019.


Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association        Association of Norwegian Editors

Tove Nedreberg (MBL)                                           Hanna Relling Berg (NR)