Redaktørplakaten (engelsk)

Her er den engelske teksten til Redaktørplakaten


This declaration is a joint document agreed upon by The Association of Norwegian Editors and The Norwegian Media Business Association:

An editor shall always keep in mind the ideal purpose of the media. The editor shall promote the freedom of opinion and in accordance with the best of his/her abilities strive for what he/she feels serves society.

Through his/her medium the editor shall promote an impartial and free exchange of information and opinion. The editor shall nurture a type of journalism that makes it clear to the reader what is reporting and submission of information and facts, and what is the opinions and judgements of the newspaper.

An editor is expected to share the fundamental views and aims of his/her publication. But within this framework the editor is entitled to a free and independent leadership of the editorial departement and editorial work and full freedom to shape the opinions of the paper even if they in single matters are not shared by the publisher or the board. If the editor finds himself/herself in irreconcilable conflict with the fundamental views of the medium, the editor is obliged to resign. The editor must never allow himself/herself to be influenced to advocate opinions that are not in accordance with the editor’s own conviction.

The editor carries the judicial responsibility for the paper, and has the full and personal responsibility for the contents of the newspaper. The editor directs and is responsible for the activity of the members of the editorial department and is the link between them and the publisher/board. The editor may delegate authority in accordance with his/her credentials.

(Signed October 22nd. 1953, revised in 1973 and 2004.)